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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Christ, It's almost over

It really isn't that much longer until Easter, this semester has pasted so quickly. Thankfully we have but one more Game production project. Again more character work, which I am grateful since I'm not convinced character design is my strongest point right now.

As with every other project, the words ''Thank God for that'' came to mind as I posted my files onto the K Drive on Monday. I was reletivly pleased with my Gladiator, having seen the project as an incentive to pickup on my already amateurish digital painting skills. However I wouldn't have minded painting over photogrpahic reference to make it look better.

As expected there is another assessment approaching so I need to ensure my Visual desgn work is all up to date. Seeing how I have a recurring tendency to spend mroe time on my 3D work.

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