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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Final thing

So here it is. This project was fun as it was meant to spark our creativity and I enjoyed it because I came up with various new additions as I went along. However the honest truth is that I have not really done this to my full potential.

The reasons being for this is I made no input to this during the first week when this was set was because I was fretting over an inpending assessment. Whilst I had found a solid idea that I felt happy about, I didn't feel that I did enough for prep work, I kinda jumped straight into it, once I had fiddled around. I also noticed I didn't abide by certain rules that I listed, mostly the Thumbnails and Realism I reckon.

Looking at it now, it lacks a big variety colour, its all rather bleak with a few exceptions. But then again, maybe this is beneficial; the whole idea was that it is an abandoned ancient location. The bright colours are coming from the only signs of life, the explorer, and the natural elements (fire and water). 

Comparing to my coursemates work, I am relectant to do so, as my style has made it appear like a comic book appearence, not to say that I don't like that sort of thing, just doesn't seem suitable for this project.
In Visual Design I still havn't got the knack of two point perspective yet, however looking at the shot its appears correct from a topographic point of view. In spite of all these little things which I dont approve very highly of, The biggest mistake was Time Management!!
Always the source of all crisises within the course methinks. I could have done SO much more to this piece. I planned to add more artwork or detail to the hallway walls, and have ornamated statues between the braziers. Also I made concepts for four to five characters, yet I only put one in..... It's pretty obvious. Although I feel that the scale is right, had a zoomed out anymore I would not have been able to show specific detail in certain areas, on the hand, more room for additional features and the other characters. If they had been put in, their body language could have given a narrrative...
Despite my (not so good) evaluation, I am reasonably pleased with what I pulled off, had I done more prep work and added more props, I would have been more satisfied.

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