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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Environment Design

So a creative project with no limitations: This scares me as much as it excites me. Needless to say I want to produce something original and something that will draw people to it. But with any deisgn project, a set of guildlines/rules need to be applied to ensure that it is recognisable and fits within game industry. Having looked into information regarding this topic I believe the following issues to be the key to making this successful.

- Reference: As much as I try to be creative, there really isn't any point trying to make anything from scratch. Nedd to show existing material that has inspired me and That I may wish to take elements from.

- Composition: Need to show what is the focus point of the concept art, how will the cmaera be posistioned. Furthermore some form of path needs to be visable in the shot, regardless of which way it's going.

- Atmosphere: Every environment needs to create a mood. Whether it is tranquil or suspence. You see a view of a pathway or the interior or a discovered dark temple, is something lurking in the shadows, are there trpas waiting to be set off ? etc.

- Prep Work: The foundations of anything. I'll need to do as much as I can until it will all make sence once I put it all together and start building it up.

- Realism: Even if I choose to do something fantasy based, It must be beleivable in order for it to be successful, so long as I stick to the chosen genre and keep all of the elements connected, it should work out.

- Tone: Choice of colours and contrasting tones will also make a difference. Depending on the scenario and location, some colours will appear more suitbale than others.

With these guildlines, I can be happy with the knowledge that my project will be successful. Better get thinking...

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