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Tuesday, 27 March 2012


With a treasure hunter theme I wanted to have a team rather than have it as a solo journey like Indiana Jones. I kinda wanted to split various aspects of Indy into four or five figures. Each with a different purpose or motive. In terms of architecture I have always looked hallways with statues over twisting turning paths. Statues represent the origins of the location and give insight to the culture and history says as such as written text. Thankfully I had a couple of games and films that came to mind but I wanted to expand my reference because I didn't want this all to be based just the one or two references.

So yes, this was the sort of adventure attire I had in mind and the sort of shots I wanted to achieve. Statues also act like sentries or guardians as if even though the temple is abandoned, it's as if there are still eyes upon you....

So the kind of roles I was after was:

Leader - a bold and honest man who puts the team first. Driven by childhood stories of treasures.

Historian - a young academic who has vast knowledge of ancient civilisations. Not the most daring and is easily intimidated. However his studies are crucial to finding their goal.

Scout - One who is agile and quick on their feet. Not to be underestimated by her looks, an expert in hand to hand combat.

The Muscle - The brawn of the group, whenever force is required he's the guy for the job.

I had thought to add a fifth character who had an aura of suspicion about him, like you could tell he planned to trap the team and hoard the loot for himself. But thought I'd rather have a coporative friendly team. 

After making these basic layouts I decided I'd feel happier with a interior hallway shot, or ccentral chamber, since they have the big features.

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