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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Final thing

So here it is. This project was fun as it was meant to spark our creativity and I enjoyed it because I came up with various new additions as I went along. However the honest truth is that I have not really done this to my full potential.

The reasons being for this is I made no input to this during the first week when this was set was because I was fretting over an inpending assessment. Whilst I had found a solid idea that I felt happy about, I didn't feel that I did enough for prep work, I kinda jumped straight into it, once I had fiddled around. I also noticed I didn't abide by certain rules that I listed, mostly the Thumbnails and Realism I reckon.

Looking at it now, it lacks a big variety colour, its all rather bleak with a few exceptions. But then again, maybe this is beneficial; the whole idea was that it is an abandoned ancient location. The bright colours are coming from the only signs of life, the explorer, and the natural elements (fire and water). 

Comparing to my coursemates work, I am relectant to do so, as my style has made it appear like a comic book appearence, not to say that I don't like that sort of thing, just doesn't seem suitable for this project.
In Visual Design I still havn't got the knack of two point perspective yet, however looking at the shot its appears correct from a topographic point of view. In spite of all these little things which I dont approve very highly of, The biggest mistake was Time Management!!
Always the source of all crisises within the course methinks. I could have done SO much more to this piece. I planned to add more artwork or detail to the hallway walls, and have ornamated statues between the braziers. Also I made concepts for four to five characters, yet I only put one in..... It's pretty obvious. Although I feel that the scale is right, had a zoomed out anymore I would not have been able to show specific detail in certain areas, on the hand, more room for additional features and the other characters. If they had been put in, their body language could have given a narrrative...
Despite my (not so good) evaluation, I am reasonably pleased with what I pulled off, had I done more prep work and added more props, I would have been more satisfied.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


With a treasure hunter theme I wanted to have a team rather than have it as a solo journey like Indiana Jones. I kinda wanted to split various aspects of Indy into four or five figures. Each with a different purpose or motive. In terms of architecture I have always looked hallways with statues over twisting turning paths. Statues represent the origins of the location and give insight to the culture and history says as such as written text. Thankfully I had a couple of games and films that came to mind but I wanted to expand my reference because I didn't want this all to be based just the one or two references.

So yes, this was the sort of adventure attire I had in mind and the sort of shots I wanted to achieve. Statues also act like sentries or guardians as if even though the temple is abandoned, it's as if there are still eyes upon you....

So the kind of roles I was after was:

Leader - a bold and honest man who puts the team first. Driven by childhood stories of treasures.

Historian - a young academic who has vast knowledge of ancient civilisations. Not the most daring and is easily intimidated. However his studies are crucial to finding their goal.

Scout - One who is agile and quick on their feet. Not to be underestimated by her looks, an expert in hand to hand combat.

The Muscle - The brawn of the group, whenever force is required he's the guy for the job.

I had thought to add a fifth character who had an aura of suspicion about him, like you could tell he planned to trap the team and hoard the loot for himself. But thought I'd rather have a coporative friendly team. 

After making these basic layouts I decided I'd feel happier with a interior hallway shot, or ccentral chamber, since they have the big features.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

First thoughts

Well with no limitations I am open and free to anything. However personally I don't want to create something as open and vast like Skyrim. I want to stick to a central plot with no accessories, that way I can concentrate on polishing the gem as best I can in the time I have remaining. Action-Adventure is one of my personal favourite genres. Puzzles and riddles are a good addition to games, as it makes you more observational, and aware of your surroundings and makes you use your game knowledge. Games where I have seen this involved include:

- Darksiders: Switches and levels to activate platforms to reach your goal. Rotating mirrors to relect beams to open new passageways
- Skyrim: Dungeons contain various traps (poison arrows, flamethrowers, rotating spikeswalls) which are set of by tripwires and stepping stones. Also there are pillars with various faces on them that must be rotated to match others nearby.

I guess it's kinda obvious by now I have some sort of Indian Jones Temple idea. Furthermore I have always been fascinated by subterrainian locations, like underwater or underground areas. Another major factor I want to include is pillars, statues and archways, as I feel it gives the place an aura of importance to it. The interior of places like this say more about the plot, so I intend to do an interior shot, maybe of a hallway. a trap in motion, or the treasure revealed...

In terms of characters, generally in a story line such as this there is a single protagonist with supporting figures as well. Indiana Jones and Nathan Drake are the bold heroic figures who live for this sort of thing. It would be interesting to split the personalities into multiple figures etc. I wish to have a team, with various roles/ personalties, this can expand the character plot with more people involved.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Environment Design

So a creative project with no limitations: This scares me as much as it excites me. Needless to say I want to produce something original and something that will draw people to it. But with any deisgn project, a set of guildlines/rules need to be applied to ensure that it is recognisable and fits within game industry. Having looked into information regarding this topic I believe the following issues to be the key to making this successful.

- Reference: As much as I try to be creative, there really isn't any point trying to make anything from scratch. Nedd to show existing material that has inspired me and That I may wish to take elements from.

- Composition: Need to show what is the focus point of the concept art, how will the cmaera be posistioned. Furthermore some form of path needs to be visable in the shot, regardless of which way it's going.

- Atmosphere: Every environment needs to create a mood. Whether it is tranquil or suspence. You see a view of a pathway or the interior or a discovered dark temple, is something lurking in the shadows, are there trpas waiting to be set off ? etc.

- Prep Work: The foundations of anything. I'll need to do as much as I can until it will all make sence once I put it all together and start building it up.

- Realism: Even if I choose to do something fantasy based, It must be beleivable in order for it to be successful, so long as I stick to the chosen genre and keep all of the elements connected, it should work out.

- Tone: Choice of colours and contrasting tones will also make a difference. Depending on the scenario and location, some colours will appear more suitbale than others.

With these guildlines, I can be happy with the knowledge that my project will be successful. Better get thinking...

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Christ, It's almost over

It really isn't that much longer until Easter, this semester has pasted so quickly. Thankfully we have but one more Game production project. Again more character work, which I am grateful since I'm not convinced character design is my strongest point right now.

As with every other project, the words ''Thank God for that'' came to mind as I posted my files onto the K Drive on Monday. I was reletivly pleased with my Gladiator, having seen the project as an incentive to pickup on my already amateurish digital painting skills. However I wouldn't have minded painting over photogrpahic reference to make it look better.

As expected there is another assessment approaching so I need to ensure my Visual desgn work is all up to date. Seeing how I have a recurring tendency to spend mroe time on my 3D work.