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Sunday, 25 March 2012

First thoughts

Well with no limitations I am open and free to anything. However personally I don't want to create something as open and vast like Skyrim. I want to stick to a central plot with no accessories, that way I can concentrate on polishing the gem as best I can in the time I have remaining. Action-Adventure is one of my personal favourite genres. Puzzles and riddles are a good addition to games, as it makes you more observational, and aware of your surroundings and makes you use your game knowledge. Games where I have seen this involved include:

- Darksiders: Switches and levels to activate platforms to reach your goal. Rotating mirrors to relect beams to open new passageways
- Skyrim: Dungeons contain various traps (poison arrows, flamethrowers, rotating spikeswalls) which are set of by tripwires and stepping stones. Also there are pillars with various faces on them that must be rotated to match others nearby.

I guess it's kinda obvious by now I have some sort of Indian Jones Temple idea. Furthermore I have always been fascinated by subterrainian locations, like underwater or underground areas. Another major factor I want to include is pillars, statues and archways, as I feel it gives the place an aura of importance to it. The interior of places like this say more about the plot, so I intend to do an interior shot, maybe of a hallway. a trap in motion, or the treasure revealed...

In terms of characters, generally in a story line such as this there is a single protagonist with supporting figures as well. Indiana Jones and Nathan Drake are the bold heroic figures who live for this sort of thing. It would be interesting to split the personalities into multiple figures etc. I wish to have a team, with various roles/ personalties, this can expand the character plot with more people involved.

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