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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The work goes on...

A quick work update. After brainstorming the reef character project I took the meaning quite literally. I wanted to go for a camoflauge look, using coral and other reef plant life to hide my character. Also out of personal choice I wnated it to be humaniod, not human. The crew of the Flying Dutchman from Piratees of the Caribbean really did influence me on this one.

I was pointed out this would be 'a bitch' to model, I soon found out they right. The wireframe and tinfoil layers were not so much of a fuss, the thinner wire from our previous figurine poroved handy in binding seperate components together. As I appled the sculpey, it's thickness didn't exceed one quaret of an inchsince it didn't seem nessesary to have it thicker. However it began to become unbalanced as I carried on. I decided not to add the anemone skirt because the the anatomy wasn' to the original scale, it wouldn't have looked right.

In terms of 3D work, the Ford Transit Van is now complete, I encountered several issues along the way have made me unhappy with the final render, however this was due to my own faults in my modelling process which eventually caused the textures to not match the UV templates. It is pretty clear where I tried to amend.

And now we have been set the gladiator project, which sounds challenging and yet funat the same time. Needless to say, this way my first reaction!

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