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Monday, 13 February 2012

Father to a murdered son, Husband to a murdered wife....

It's Gladiator time and needless to say I rewatched Ridley Scott's masterpiece once again to get in the mood. I bashed out some quick concepts so to get an idea of what I could aim for once the figure was finished and I could begin modelling the weapons of props. The common features involve:

Little chest armour-harness of Shoulder guard
Bracers and arm armour
Greaves ( Foot armour)

Highly ornamated helmets
Variety of weapons

Currently I am at 944/2500 tris, so there is much that can be done, bearing in mind that the hands and head will contian the highest details. I look foward to this as this is totally new from previous projects. I hope to complete the model and begin the next phase by weeks end.

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