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Friday, 20 January 2012

New Year, New Start...ish

Well in all fairness I'm not suprised it's been a large gap since my last post. I fell for the old 'I'll do it over Christmas' trick, and in reality, ended up doing not as much as I'd hoped. I would like to say this would be a resolution, but I know it wouldn't last very long.

This new term has started off very well. I am in the middle of the latest and fairly challenging Ford Transit Van Project, the modelling has proven a tad frustrating here and there. This is mainly due to me being picky and trying to get both sides of the vehicle matching, and I thought taking pictures of the van without being caught was the hard part! But no I have managed to get the verts in position, because it seems over Christmas I had forgotten about Target Weld and Collapse (facepalm).

So yes, it's a working progress, after this weekend I will have reached the halfway point, so I want to nail it and make the interior over the weekend. That way I can worry about unwrapping and texturing for the remainder of the time given.

As with Visual Deisgn, it's all been about life drawing, and my god I've only been back over two weeks and my second sketchbook is already over two thirds full! The workshops have been humerous and enjoyable, The blind drawing began embarrasing but after several hours and churning it out, they really improved to the point where they looked as if i'd been looking at my object.

Right now however, I need to produce a character based on the word 'reef', so yeah, first thing that comes to the head- Pirates of the Caribbean! Or just maybe...Pokemon! There are so many marine animals i could base it on, so a little playing around is in order. Pictures soon to follow- hopefully.

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