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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

My responce to the feedback

In light of the review last week and the 'wake up call' we had this morning, I think it's fair to say that I'm not putting in enough hours to my Self Directed Study, and that we are all thinking''oh shit''.

 Also from this and also looking at other peoples work on facebook, I can see my major flaw: I'm spending too much time on my thumbnails. Looking back to the canal session, I was spending about 20 minutes per thumbnail, they looked like miniature finals. Furthermore I didn't fully grasp perspective on several occassions so ideally I should just foucs on getting the composition correct before I start adding extra detail, regardless of how long it takes. However I feel that I still have a few areas Game Production to fully understand, such as maps and alpha channels. Thankfully my guru's have been helping me along the way, and I try not to bombard them with petty questions, since most of the time I have thankfully managed to figure it outmyself.

Overall we have been told 28 hours a week of SDS is expected. I can honestly say that for Game Production I feel that I have exceeded the expected 10 hours as I spend most of my spare hours of weekdays in the labs; I wish to make use of the facilities as much as possible during the week while there is help availible.

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