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Saturday, 11 May 2013

So long London....for now

And so after over four months or concepting, modelling, exporting, importing, rescaling and re-setting and re-exporting, the group project is at last done and handed in!

Although I had seen the flythrough in earlier stages, watching it for the first time was rather moving, but that's Hans Zimmer music for you, I was close to tears during the credits of Gladiator.

Looking at the level as a whole, it really is amazing how much we were able to produce in the time given. We were ambitious to go big at the start, and looking at the level as a whole, it certainly is huge! The last couple of weeks were a big push as we made more decals and last minute props to distribute among the streets, but we managed to pull it off.
Unfortunately some of our sounds failed to trigger during the presentation but it wasn't a major setback. Yet it isn't the end, there is still much more we can at to it. To begin with we compiled a list of things we wanted to include and prioritised it to see what could be left to a later date and so on.

This includes:
- Animated rigged animals roaming the street, chickens pigs dogs etc (we have a rigged rat, but we didn't get round to putting it on)
- Interiors
- The tower of London in the Backdrop
- Additional particle effects

My role was pretty much a 'prop guy' after we'd made our modular houses. I made a variety that were merged with other props and distributed amongst different areas of the level.

Since I didn't have Marmoset, I felt that my renders were less pretty compared to the others :/

That last shot was a WIP for my individual submission level. Still got several more assets to include and some multi subs to fix, but now, Visual Design shall have my undivided attention!

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