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Friday, 17 May 2013

Visual Design Blast

They say the hardest part is admitting the issue in the first place, this is no exception. I have been behind. As are many of us as a result of the Group projects, Chris mentioned that this is inevitable but regardless It's not an adequate reason for it. I didn't want to end up not delivering my end of the work by saying I was doing 2D instead, because everyone was in that position as well. Furthermore I failed to properly utilise the Easter 'holiday' for Visual Design, had I have some this I would not have as much on my mind currently.In spite of this however, I organised a brief layout for this week. Factoring in what is most outstanding. Chris ran us through the marking process briefly when others voiced their worries of not having every project ticked off. I made me consider something but I didn't bring myself to ask:

''Would you rather have every project handed in with not all of them being completed to the best of (my) ability, or would you rather have say three projects missing but with them all being polished gems?''

Obviously from a tutors position you'd want both. So it is my intention to deliver every project on the list, and if I remain on track I can pull this off. In reference to my schedule, I have left the final day as 'open', how I intend to use it solely for tweaking finals and adding additional development work to any smaller projects, as I hope to utilise the certain bits of crit I received earlier in the year.

With the Moonshine Project that we elected other the other choices, I decided to go with a vehicle path, which surprised me really, I guess I wanted to try and make amendments for my Imagineering kafuffle! I got a good handful of reference both online and from watching Lawless; scenes which featured the cars and trucks were from a variety of angles and perspectives. This was very helpful as I was worried about how to portray the underside which would be partially visible, before this I struggled on how the characteristics of the axel.

I decided to go for a pick up truck over an actual car, the preferred transport of smuggled hooch. The Dodge trucks was the primary source of reference.

I kinda feel like I was missing out by not doing a character like most people have, but then in reality I guess it wouldn't have lived up to what I'd hoped to produce. I was also interested that people had taken a swamp approach to this project, as I thought it was supposed to reference the Prohibition era, but then again this project is open to individual interpretation and I may be focusing on one environment based on my ref.

To begin with the interior project I forgot it was specified as BAR interior, and went ahead with plans to do a trophy room. Suits of armour weapon racks, stuffed animals and mounted heads above the mantelpiece - you get the picture. Having read the brief again I did try to see how I could incorporate it into a bar theme, but nada. I did then jump to and Australian outback theme for a bar, given my actual experience there and knowledge of Aussie slang for bar names. Cheesy stuff like Saucy Sheila or BoomerZ (the latter being slang for male kangaroo), but in the end this was a short-lived idea and I resumed the trophy room layout.


Decided to change it into a corridor in the end, however given the fact that the walls were arched I made perspective a right nuisance, its clear in areas that it isn't correct.

I also went about trying out signatures and logos for the portfolio project, it's handy that my initials merge rather well together, however I was distraught to discover that together they resemble a dick...

I've gone for the cuboid one at the bottom, really like the merge.

So until Monday morning I shall press on and look forward to this time next week when I can enjoy a long nights sleep without worry.

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