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Sunday, 10 March 2013


''Creativity is defined as the tendency to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems.''
Human Motivation by Robert E. Franken

Creativity. something that has always plagued me in a way, especially when it comes to characters or Imagineering, and my previous projects show for this in my opinion. As mentioned before, my constant worry is that my final piece ends up resembling too much like the reference. 

However there is no way of accurately defining it, since it has always been a subject of debate, whether its from a historical point of view to a physiological one. I mean historically in the past there was a lot about the earth and life in general that was unknown, the migration of continents, evolution that sort of thing, so creativity back then was used to create theories to provide potential answers and inspire people.

Although the physiological view is perhaps the closest I can get to explaining it. Everyone is different therefore each persons creativity will show in different ways, and not just from the subject of art. Creativity is something you can do and well as something you can have. We can all perform the same everyday functions and yet there are those who excel in these areas, such as athletes or public speakers...

Pearls of wisdom from BoJo
To measure or compare creativity between others, factors that can affect or measure this can range from influences and upbringing. Parental Influence is perhaps the first one that can have an effect. Now clearly parenting varies from child to child, yet those who are brought up with parents who push their kids forward and encourage them have higher chances of having that spark of creativity ignited earlier than those who've upbringing is laid back and casual.

Education is one of the big factors of course, and also the course and subject path you go down, and also how long you choose to stay in it as well. ''The more you know the further you go'' No idea where that originates from.... Our education allows us to perceive our own views of the world and intertwine them into our work. For example at the galleries at the end of Art Foundation it was clear to me that everything was unique and different. Aside from any particular theme they had chosen, it was evident that people from different departments had different views.

Life experience. Can't emphasise this more than anything else really. The more you get out there and see and get involved with the more that can aid you later in life when creativity is required. For example I am a huge fan of comedy, I have panel show marathons while I'm working and I enjoy stand up. Many comedians are on average middle aged or at best in their late 20's, therefore they have 'been around more' so they can use their experiences in their acts and material. Either that or they have a recurring tendency to be in the right place at the right time!
For me I have seen my fair share of the world (in short 11 countries) a foctor which has been a great boon in my life and helped me in previous art projects. In particular narrative forms.
Red: Visited Blue: Lived

When I compose my moodboards for environments I confidently feel that I won't take my reference too far, yet that is always my worry with vehicles and characters. I mean here is my vehicle project from a few months ago.
The AT-RT from the Clone Wars in Star Wars, my primary reference.

I think it was to pot when I wanted it to be ''a one man vehicle for extreme terrains''

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