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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

War of the Worlds

The Building project came to a successful conclusion, the Assassins bureau stood proudly between the neighbouring buildlings.

The cathedrals near campus provided excellent tiling textures, I felt spoilt for choice given how many were available, however at the end of the day I wished for the model to blend in with the Blitz example meshes, this factor made me determine whihc was most suitable.

For the statues I had hoped to paint on the textures to add extra detail, however this turned out disastrous so I painted a rock texture instead which actually looked like an improvement.
So from here on in it's all about UDK, naturally I was like 'eeep', but after browsing through the linked tutorials on Dmuga I was feeling more confident. This process however was long and tedious, and above all, I learnt the hard way of the importance of naming assets, Once it was exported into the engine, I encountered this....
Multi/Sub-Object we'd you go!?

Only one element was available for applying my textures. After devoting the whole day to ensuring all materials and meshes were appropriatly named I still encountered this. Saving as an alternative file allowed the multi/ sub-object to show up, yet in return it didn't import my collisions, so for a brief period I was forced to have a ghostly cathedral :/ Either or really....

However, after much toiling over I miraculously managed to successfully import everything. I took great joy in utilising the 1st person shooter playing of Unreal and taking out my bottled frustration on incinerating my building. Currently just need to finish importing the exmple meshes then it's all good to go, so long as UDK can tolerate me trying to be a good student and saving regularly, only to have it not respond at 75%....

Meanwhile the War of the Worlds project has been the prioraty for Visual Design, I have admired certain peoples ideas ( and there drawing style in general) although I have had pretty solid ideas myself, I have tried not to focus so much on the legs of the tripod since legs were the prime focus of the vehcile project.

I quite liked the idea of an aquatic based one, either like a carapce or with the anatomical features of a jelly fish. On the other hand I also felt that another interesting path was the idea of the tripod being possessed or having something latched onto it,  like the Dalek mutant or some form of creature with tentacles. While I quite like the stuff I've done so far, I worry that they just resemble existing stuff I really like and just stuck some mechanical legs underneath it. I should really decide which path I want to choose as I want to tackle the remainder of  outstanding stuff that could use tweaking before the assessment.


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