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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Build up to assessment

So with our assessment approaching before the semester concludes, its the valuable time to check everyone is ticked off my list of projects outstanding. It's a huge relief that 3D is concluded (for now), more time to prioratise over Visual Design.

The Argonath of Maysaf!
Depsite my collision importing and file format crisis', I prevailed and got it completed. Turns out if my files aren't all in the same location, UDK doesn't want to corporate! It sure was a tedious process of assigning materials and applyijng correctly, however it was assuring to know what I was doing.
Meanwhile with our Imagineering work, after feeling like reaching a dead end with my tripod, I decided to base it on the legendary Pokemon Deoxys.
I mean just look at his form, tentacles and pointed legs, he's just begging to be made into tripod form!
I started out by trying out a potential model for each form: Normal,Attack,Defence and Speed. Given the tripods general scale the latter may not be so believable. On the other hand, I can mould this project into my own image so whats the stop me ''ahem'' editing the design in general?
I really liked the deisng of the Goliaths and Stalkers from Resistance, I did consider using their leg deisgn, however I wanted to attempt to keep an orginaic elemetn evident in my deisgn, also one of my mates was aiming towards the mech path.
Was also torn as to wether I should leave the tentacles in the model

The head design became a bit of an issue during the orthographic view, thankfully my childhood came into play here and I was reminded of one of the series from the LEGO Bionicle, the Vahki. In particualr their head shapes.
I was a devoted collector of Bionicle until I realised I'd probably outgrown them, regardless, these were fun to draw.
I'm happy with the way it turned out, One minor part I wanted was to include all of the blue leg detail on all forms, which I managed to achieve as they no longer render the legs blank. The body apears to be in almost as high as the legs, quite a change from the WotW tripod, with longer legs and a smaller body. Even though I could make whatever I wanted I still feel like I've done wrong by having stouter legs.
HOWEVER, if you think about it, the long thin legs wouldn't have taken much force to dent inwards on topple the dman thing over, whgy the films never took that logic into affect I'll never know... SO yeah you could say that I have removed this flaw by balancing out the weight. Furthermore the tentacles aren't for picking up victims and storing them inside the tripod, this isn't a mobile prison, they're simply for smashing and squashing! I hope to paint a piece with it in action, and time adn procrastination permitting a movie poster.
Meanwhile my main issue is the vehicle, I have started the final while trying to apply some of the composotion rules we've learnt however so far it has not gone to plan.
The idea was that its purpose was for tranversing extreme and unstabel terrrains, like a swamp whihc is featured. I'm happy with how the swamp has come out so far. The problem I guess is that the vehicle reference is futuristic, as far as I'm aware there is no actual existing vehicle to help with moodboarding. I wanted long legged birds to be the other half of the reference, ideally to make the seating area/body.
So far it's still looking more mechanical than organic. With the backdrop I was considering adding mist or fog to help the atmosphere, however that would not help, because that would just make it look like a Republic walker on Dagobah! I suppose the factors that make me feel positive is that the legs have been re-designed along with the feet, which I wish to be the main feature. And so far the body has been redesigned to resemble a ostrich.
Judging by my current opinion, I feel the design will be reworked yet again, and the composition. I wanted the shot to be almost looking up at it from the water, however despite this the vehicle is dominating the majority of the page :/

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