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Thursday, 8 November 2012

So THATS what they want.......

So the work progresses in as per usual. after spending Tuesday in the labs I try to mentally lay out my week ahead, catergorising whats most outstanding etc.

It would seen things have been tweaked here and there in this year structure, althugh this was told on the first day, I didn't expect it from Game Production in all honesty. Instead of the Blitz Treasure Chest I was expecting, We are doing a building project instead. I standard New York city Street block scene with a gap inbetween, we could fill it whatever we want, plus No tris limit AND NO texture budget. dude....

Although we can put WHATEVER we want there, I would like it to vaguely blend with the design of the neighbouring blocks.
I decided to go for a Cathedral entrance, It's one of my muses, given my liking for complex detail and what have you. Another reason I think I chose this was because I wanted to build statues, you see them all the time inside,outside and nearby cathedrals. Of course I was torn as to what position I would have them in, so I assembled some well known examples to aid me.

So much cool fiction to choose from, in the end I decided to go for a battle stance pose, so I logged into WoW (yes, I know don't judge me) and got my paladin into some idle poses....
What doesn't help is that they aren't anatomically accurate....
I wanted to have two on pedestals with a staircase inbetween them leading to the arched entrance,  However once I'd built the figures minus the hands and head, I found myself remembering the Assassin Fortress of Masyaf, and that instantly made me decide to theme my cathedral. Also this meant I had to rewind and reconfigure my stautues. Getting the geometry right was a bitch but the end result was worth it! I decided to use the Argonath from LOTR because their pose was just cool, plkus with the hidden blades retracted, it's quite intimidating.
Once I'd built the doorway and archs, I paused because I realised that with my new theme, cathedrals walls can be laid out in numerous ways, furthermore I had various ways in the my mind and how to display the Assassins occupancy there.

Ready for unwrapping!

 Moving on, last weeks Crit lecture was very insightful because we were told in detail how this module is assessed and what exactly makes up the marks. Aside from completing the Mandatory tasks set in the handbook with images and links, what takes our mark further is:
Personal Reflection
Engaged Writing
All this can be easily achieved, by reseacrching I can find out more to write about the subject at hand and extend my blogs. And by reflection, ideally writing positive information as well as cutting myself down from etc.

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