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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

It fell outta the sky...

The Forest of Dean proved to be full of handy reference, although a British Midlands forest does differ from say the Amazon or other actual rainforests, trees composition differs and perhaps exclusive flora, but for this project it gave me an idea of a forest atmosphere. How clustered tall thin trees branches differ from the larger thicker ones, heavily cluster ferns and vegetation and so on.

So for my scene I may taken the major features, the wreckage of the plane, several trees to indicate how the plane broke apart, and a enough ferns to cover the majority of the forest floor.
 Considering the limit is 10k and i'm only on around 6.1k, there is a lot more a can do to this, bashed the plane up a bit more or added more main branches via splines, although filling in bhdget isn't such an issue. Furthermore I will be using a hell of a lot of alphas for the tree folioage, vegetation/grass on the floor and moss growing over the wreckage and log/trees.

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