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Thursday, 9 August 2012

So that summer project....

When I first browsed the titles for the project I initially went for Knight and Horse, the idea of creating my own armour was my cup of tea at the time. But then figured I wanted to use the opportunity to go big, so I decided to go for the Rainforest Crashsite scene. I recall experiencing the white fringe issue on my alphas before with the tree project, I want to use this title as a chance to iomprove my alphas and so on.

While visiting relatives down in Somerset I went to the Fleet Air Arm Museum in Yeovil, with huge naval/aerial exhibits. The halls were large and it was possible to walk all the way round each aircraft and take decent shots. But instead of these chunky coast guard choppers I was drawn to the World War One Sopwith Pup. I looked at it and thought ''I could model that, I wanna model it.'' so I did.

And this is where I have left it for now

I havn't gone into great detail because I am still consideirng how exactly it's going to be positioned in the scene. You ask yourself in what manner does a plane crash? Does the pilot try to land it in any particular area in attempt to minimalise damage and casualities? Right now my thoughts are hanging from a tree, pieces impaled on branches etc, or simply driven into the ground with parts/debrtis behind it that broke off during impact. I know concepts are due at this stage so I'll start on some to get an idea of what looks most suitable.

It is currently just over 3k tris, so thats just less than a third of my budget of 10,000, for now I'd like to keep it at that. However this will increase if I do eventually split it up. For this reason certain parts of it are still unattached.

Thankfully I have some great reference local to me here in the Cotswolds- the Forest of Dean, I'll be heaading there next week to take some shots offroad to give me an idea of the forest vegetation and foliage, becuase there is a lot of it in the wilderness, and I want to get a good idea of what its like.

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