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Sunday, 24 February 2013

So apparently we're now a Club

The group project has had a good flow recently, following our successful presentation earlier this week showing everyone our Wips and initial ideas, we were given confidence that we are on the right track. Yet we've gone from Pudding Lane to Pudding 'CLUB', no one is that fussed so hey ho. At least our intended merchendice hasn't already gone into production! 

Following our pep talk on Friday we established the nearest locations which would provide further reference for us. Don't get me wrong, prior to that we had already established a wide selection in our album, ranging from the internet, gaming sites, certain films and as of this weekend, books. Half of the team went to Rutland and Oakham yesterday to gather more first hand reference which we agreed was the next big step for us. Furthermore in the next few days we should be making our way to York for the same purpose.

My input so far is similar to others at this stage, After the London trip I offered to take on te role of beginning prop/asset concepting and modelling. During this weekly task I found the time to begin modelling them as well and wanted to be reasonable with my tris count since here is no budget.

The team felt that I had used excessive tris for certain props, and I did concure, although in my defence I had used them to mark the borders of the textures.
At this point the teams initial whiteboxes had been detailed further, I then did a paintover of a render from Dan's whitebox.
As for this week, we decided to all make a couple of modular buildings having viewed helpful tutorials to help as make tem for mass cloning. On this note we were told that CryEngine can withstand a LOAD more of tris, saying that buildings could be around 10k tris.

One issue that was flagged up was that all of our building would look similar so we wanted model significant houses that were services at the time. Churches and taverns were shot-gunned so.......

Butchers often hang haunches of meat from the beams of the house so the house on the right could easily fill that role.

Whilst I've installed CryEngine and included all of the plugins, I have yet to 'try' and import yet, part of me is still dreading it as I recall my reaction upon entering UDK for the first time. However a Q&A section earlier on put my mind at ease.

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