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Friday, 8 February 2013

Emerging from seclusion

I'm still here!

Having confined myself to my room indefinitely for the past week or so. Having been relieved of a huge burden now that the Mortal Engines project is handed in. It was a long months worth of work and at the end of it everyone could not wait for the day to come.

Regrettably I spend over a week modelling my head, something that messed but my intended schedule. Getting to overall shape wasn't an issue but it was also getting the smooth clean flows on the geometry, a process which involves continuous welding and cutting. This project was also a great opportunity for me to learn Zbrush, once I got myself around the interface and shizzle it was an actual breeze accomplishing what I'd set out to do.


Throughout the process of doing the diffuse I kept thinking that my diffuse was too bland, not just from a low range of tonal value but the actual pattern. I felt I resolved this personal dislike by experimenting with the filters for the trousers and waistcoat, however I feel that more darker tones were needed to make the creases appear more strongly. My biggest regret still is that it still doesn't resemble me much. Even whilst continuously using photographic reference I had to make amends.
Moving swiftly along I received feedback from last weeks presentation. As I had anticipated my score was nothing special. However I was aware of these faults, whilst I personally felt more confident than normal, I know I could have spoken with more confidence- directing myself to the crowd and less to the board etc. I know that practically everyone of the slides in Mikes talks consist of only one Image, as it only takes one for him to get his point across to us. However for what I was talking about, I required multiple images collaborated together to make my point. I didn't bother with background colours or fancy font as I felt it was unnessesary and was irrelevant. On the other hand one of my improvements was use cards to prompt me, I almost considered this however I felt that having this would affect my confidence. I felt that by going in cold and improvising was more 'bold' than having little reminders with me, but hey, looks like I was wrong.
Meanwhile the moment of truth came this week as well and now the Group Project for Crytek's Off the Map Competition is now under way, and I could not have asked for a better group. We have made a start by gathering reference of 17th century London maps, buildings and general atmosphere as well as moodboards. I look forward to using CryEngine as it'll be yet another new experience and that it is in some ways easier than Unreal.
Furthermore we're heading off to London on Tuesday to get some first hand ref and get a general sense of location. After which we can start mapping out our level and begin the modelling. Since the period we are focussing on is prior to the Great Fire of London, we have aptly named ourselves Pudding Lane, as it was where it originated from. Check us out on CryDev.

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