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Thursday, 11 October 2012

What a plie of...

So to get us back into the swing if things We got ourselves a pile of trash. I don't wanna jinx it or anything but it has been rather easy so far, considering the prime assets are basic shapes and all. Aside from boxes and bin bags, I decided to make my pile a dumping ground for takeaway food, since that is the most common type of trash you see on the streets. So yeah drinks, pizza box, Happy Meals and so on.

I did take some consideration into 'interesting' assets I could include, however given the 500 tris budget, my first ideas would be too expensive, and at this point having seen other peoples additions, I didn't wanna steal their thunder per say so I'm satisfied with what I've come up with.

I found myself with additional tris left over in the process so I used them to rough up some of the assets. This project is also an opportunity for me to be formally introduced to Zbrush, having seen the results and sculpted bin bags, the appearence looks impressive when enhanced, to get the effect of all the creases in the bag.

Right now I'm working on the diffuse and learning how I will go about sculpting, I can tell there won't be any shortcut to this, just like everything else!

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